Tips to Properly Care for Your Designer Swimsuits

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Before we know it, the beach season is once again here.  It is time again to take out our favorite swimwear hidden somewhere in our closet.  But we need to make sure that they are properly taken care of to guarantee that they will have the most wear and they will stay uncompromised for the next summer to come.  Here are the experts’ tips at Beach Candy Designer Swimwear on how to take care of your swimsuit.

Wash Your Custom Swimsuits after Every Use

Once you use your favorite woman’s bikini, make sure to watch it after you use it even in the event that you did not go into the water.  Some elements can easily damage your limited edition swimsuits if you do not wash them.  For instance, the sunscreen has ingredient that can compromise the quality of the fabric which may result to the inevitable failing of the material.  There are also other SPF lotion that can be detrimental; oil based and mineral can lead to yellowing or to a permanent stain if they are not washed properly.  In case you dip in the pool, the chlorine content of the water can make the colors of your swimsuit fade.

Be Careful in Washing Your Swimsuits

In case you want to acquire the best result, it is highly advisable to refrain from using old detergent and throwing your swimsuit directly into the washing machine.  Make sure to wash it by hand and choose detergent that is designed for delicate fabric.  This will ensure you that the fine fibers used in making your designer swimsuits will not be affected.  On the off chance that you do not have an access to detergent, make sure to wash it with fresh water.

Air Dry

Though it is tempting to drain the last tiny bit of water out of your swimwear, we highly recommend you to avoid doing that.  This can lead to the sagging of your swimsuits and can leave them useless.  The best way is to air dry them.  Do not expose them directly to the heat of the sun since it can affect the color of your spandex.  If you want to dry them immediately, you may use a towel, lay down your custom swimsuits and roll the towel.  Squeeze them gently and allow them to dry.

Choose Cool Water

Hot water can be bad for your custom swimsuits.  Try not to hand wash your swimwear with a hot water.  Also, it may not be advisable to dip in a hot tub for considerable amount of time wearing swimsuit.  Make sure that you will only use a single swimsuit for the hot tub and be sure that it is the least expensive handmade swimsuit.

Finally, you should also remember to avoid sitting on rough surfaces when you are wearing your swimsuit.  Lay down your towel and sit on them.  This will make sure that you will continue to enjoy your swimsuits for the next succeeding summer seasons.

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